HELP: Using Our Cart

Our site using a virtual shopping cart to allow you to browse and select the products you wish to buy interactively. As you add products to your cart, our site will calculate your total and estimate shipping.
When you are ready to place your order, you simply access the Checkout option and all items in your cart at that time will be added to your final order.

Your shopping cart will be broken into seperate ‘Packages’ if you add titles that are pre-orders (coming soon) – these packages will be grouped by products being released on the same day. This feature is intended to help you see at a glance how many individual shipments your order will be (and when they will be shipped).

Some basic tips regarding the Planet.DVD shopping cart:

  • Whenever you add a DVD to your cart, you will be returned directly to that DVD’s Info Page
  • You can view and modify your Shopping Cart contents at any time using the View option (top right of page) or the Shopping Cart option on the left-hand menu
  • You can Checkout and order your cart contents at any time you like using the Checkout function on the left-hand menu (also available from the View Cart screen)
  • When viewing a DVD’s Info Page, the Add To Cart button will be replaced with a notification message if that DVD is already in your shopping cart

Right Hands with a Custom Builder Melbourne

Right Hands with a Custom Builder Melbourne

When it comes to taking on a building project, whether you are building a home or a business, you want to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. A custom builder Melbourne will offer you more than the competition. Look beyond what is already available. If you want your vision to become a reality, you need a custom builder Melbourne. Go with a builder that is top notch in order to get phenomenal results.

A Guide Throughout the Process
You may not even know exactly what you want when you are in the planning stages of a building project. A custom builder Melbourne can help you to make sure your design heads in the right direction. You will be able to study a gallery of past projects and open the door to advanced technology as digital tools come to play in your building design. Take advantage of the wealth of expertise that rests in a custom builder Melbourne at

A Building that is a Tailored Fit
When you buy an expensive suit, you get it tailored to personally fit you. The same holds true with your building project. Look at your custom builder Melbourne as your tailor in building, someone who has an eye for details and knows how to tweak every phase of your project. When you want a builder you can count on to add that special touch to your building, a custom builder Melbourne is the ideal choice. You will be able to do more than get the standard product that is the same as so many others. A custom builder Melbourne aims to give every building a distinct personality. It’s up to you to tell your custom builder Melbourne what you want. Your builder will follow through until you have reached completion.